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I’m confused… if Goodwill doesn’t spread #Corona than I guess churches don’t either? This is definitely a crowd larger than 10 people at a time. I’m confused. Let’s see how many posts and news articles come out about #GoodwillAz causing people to contract this virus? They are quick to cut and criticize church gatherings but big business is still ok? Our churches have resorted to having #DriveInChurch services while big business haven’t set up shop in their parking lots for the sake of #SocialDistancing so where is the equality? Perhaps it’s not only the church gatherings helping to spread this virus… perhaps it’s main carrier is the other mass gatherings called #EssentialServices

I agree on many points from Sheltering In Place, Social distancing, worshiping in the home, spending quality time and rebuilding family relationships from the natural perspective, however, from the spiritual perspective the 5 fold ministry gifts have a responsibility to look at the natural needs of the people like food and water ( Jesus provided food several times to those who he FIRST preached to) but we also have a HEAVY mandate from Father to look after their spiritual well being as well. Although they can worship and fellowship in their homes, but for CHRISTIANS we worship not for self, but for the GREAT COMMISSION found at the end of Matthew, Mark and Luke. My FB and Twitter post on 4/13/20 was about the inequality of BIG BUSINESS versus the church and how the church and it’s leaders are being persecuted for helping the spread of COVID19 but the places we “gather” in the most on a weekly basis for our needs or employment for for the sake of necessities and well being are probably the main culprit to the continuance of the spread. The secular company I work for is not “essential” but it’s still open and have people working together everyday somehow. People are still getting sick even if they don’t go to church. That’s the purpose of my post. Also, once I posted, God corrected me and said if I’m going to post about it I must also pray about it. So I made a live video, expressing my sentiments unfiltered from my heart and a heartfelt prayer for Gods people and His leaders at the end. I’m not interested in debate or opinion. I’m only concerned about what Thus saith the Lord for the house that He has called me to Shepherd called Turn180Church and to be one of the voices for the 5 fold ministry as we have been called to carry out the assignment of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God is Alpha and Omega, HE didn’t start with Corona and HIS good news about Jesus definitely won’t end here. I encourage every leader every Christian…we must stay strong, encouraged, passionate, cry out and ON THE WALL without coming down for distractions of naysayers, unbelievers, or those with opinions that are not rooted and grounded by scripture. This virus does not have any respect and has killed both believers and unbelievers. It has affected both big businesses and the church. We are the church and are doing everything we can to abide by the laws of the land and to protect the physical health of Gods people. But guess what, they are still getting sick somehow. Guess who they call to pray? Guess who has to do the eulogy? #ESSENTIAL

We once sang a popular song and the verse said,” For your glory I will do anything, just to see you, to behold you as my King, I want to be where You are”…. when you are with HIM, He endows you with POWER by His Holy Spirit from on high for the WORK as His disciples to teach all nations, cast out demons and to heal the sick. We Do not come with opinion, but in the POWER and Demonstrations of Holy scripture and The power of the Holy Ghost!

In HIS service, HIStory, HIS Glory,

Pastor C 💝

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